Need stronger healthier hair?

Olaplex is a revolutionary product that has changed the hairdressing industry and has become a ‘must have’ amongst celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jenifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz.

It is a product that repairs broken bonds in the hair using a single active ingredient design to reconect the disulphide bonds broken by colouring and heat damage.
It permanently changes the structure of the hair which is different to any other product on the market.

The Olaplex works on the inside of the hair shaft meaning the hair becomes stronger and stronger wiuth each application. It means we are able to do more xtreme hair changes that the hairdresing industry was unable to ever do. Hair that was once too damaged to colour, can now be repaired in preparation to colour.

It is suitable for ALL hair types as evry head of hair will have experienced some form of damage, may it be from colour, heat, shampooing or even brushing. Olaplex is available as a stand alone treatment (gold or platinum service) and can alsio be mixed in with colour and bleaching services.

In addition, Olaplex is NOT tested on animals and it is also free os silicones, sulphates and gluten.


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