Semi-Permanent Eyelashes

"Once reserved for proms and weddings and then peeled off at the end of the night, semi permanent eyelash extensions now add a dose of glamour to everyday life."

Russian Full Set - £50

Russian Infill - £28

The life span of the lashes hinges on the growth of your natural lashes. Natural lashes fall out every 6-8 weeks before re-growing, which means that extensions fall out when the natural lashes they're attached to fall out.


Infills are recommended every 2-3weekly to maintain their fresh look.

Aftercare advise

* Avoid getting new lashes wet for 24/48hrs.

* Avoid using oil based product's, any products that include glycol, and water proof mascara.

* Avoid using anything that's moisture rich, such as lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and face wash near your eyes. A pair of goggles in the shower might help .


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