Values & Mission

  • Specialising in natural looking, low maintenance, lived in hair colour.

  • Offering a warm, welcoming and calming environment.

  • Hosting a space that promotes well being.

  • Helping women feel great about themselves both on the outside and inside.

  • Finding compassion for animals by using only cruelty free colours products.

  • Working on lessoning the impact of the salon on the environment.

H by H - The Story


I opened H by H in 2014 with a vision that the hairdressing industry could be different to what I had experienced so far. I had this vision for being able to fully give each client in my chair my undivided attention, and allow them to feel at ease, knowing their appointment slot had not been squeezed into a small and rushed amount of time. I wanted to do away with the feeling of a conveyor belt system that often salons can bring and allow my guests to feel welcomed and listened to.

To start with, my vision was not much more than this, but as I started to mature and find myself, I found a new love of combining who I had become and what I was passionate about, into my working environment. The effect of this, is H by H as it stands today; Welcoming, calm, well-being focused, eco friendly, animal friendly, and rustic.

The Plants:

The plants first came about in the salon from being advised about how they help to remove toxins from the air.

On a journey back to health, whilst working in an environment with hair chemicals daily, I LOVED the idea of these plants!

So it started with about four air purifying plants, and before I knew it, I’d totally fell in love with them and couldn’t get enough!

Over the years, the collection has grown and grown (excuse the pun), and the salon is now flooded in greenery.

It’s like they were the missing piece to the salon decor.

The Wood:

The wood in the salon started out originally from trying to create a salon space and a business with a budget in mind. I trawled around charity shops, antique mills, and ordered pallets, crates and scaffold boards; I didn't realise how much fun it was going to be! Once I saw it all put together, I was blown away by how beautiful it all looked and I fell in love with being surrounded by wood. 

The Vibe:

I like the salon to feel calm, relaxed and friendly.

The underlying vibe is well-being.

I have been on a personal development journey for years, understanding myself, the world around me, and finding calm amidst craziness. And I like to incorporate this into the space.

The candles, the choices of hair products, the magazine choices, the greenery, the topic of conversations, the feeling of putting yourself first for those hours in the salon. It all comes together to create a feeling of well-being.

The vibe for the salon is not about vanity, it's about saying "I want to be the best version of me, and feeling great about my hair is a part of that"

Eco Mission:

The eco mission is fairly new to me, the passion for it has built over time. It has come from understanding that being a compassionate person comes hand in hand with wanting to do better for our world. I've been working on ways to make the salon more sustainable, from not buying stuff we don't need, to wearing clothes in the salon that I will get more wear out of, to using reusable gloves & capes, to banning straws, and going heavy on the recycling. It all feels like baby steps currently, but I am looking forward to upping the eco mission more and more over time.